Toyota’s ever-evolving quest to develop a self-driving car

March 1st, 2019 by

The phrase “[the] most powerful supercomputer on wheels” is nothing to ignore. It may seem like Toyota is all talk when it says its going to release a self-driving car in a year. But, knowing Toyota’s dedication to technology and delivering the best for its customers, we believe the talk! However, producing a completely operational Clermont Toyota self-driving car in a year’s time will be challenging. Toyota will have to hire a plethora of software engineers, develop the necessary technology and software, reduce the price of it, test it, and mass produce it on an affordable scale. Recently, Toyota has partnered with CARMERA to develop dynamic high definition maps for development of Clermont Toyota self-driving cars and we have all the details on this collaboration and when we can expect to see results.

Self-driving car technology at Toyota of Orlando.

A driverless car could be in the near future

What’s being called Toyota’s moonshot, the driverless car project is one that is daunting, even for the most technologically advanced of auto manufacturers. But Toyota is confident that it can accomplish this in a year. To develop a Clermont Toyota vehicle that can drive itself, Toyota will have to successfully develop the technology, rapidly reduce the cost of the technology and software to be affordable and mass produced. To make this possible the Toyota Research Institute Advanced Development (TRI-AD) was established.

Toyota has established a target of 2020 to have an Clermont self-driving vehicle released. While this is exciting news, unfortunately it will be some time before we welcome a vehicle with this advanced technology to Toyota of Clermont. The first vehicle to be released in 2020 will be a Lexus model. This is due to the price of technology being incorporated and the timeliness of the release. A higher price tag will align more with the sensors and software. Until the technology can be reproduced in a more cost-effective manner, the technology will be limited to higher-end Lexus models.

To make the production of this Clermont Toyota technology possible, Toyota has forged partnerships with key companies and players. For the software creation, $2.8 billion has been invested in Toyota Group suppliers Aisin Seiki and Denso. One of the more recent partnerships Toyota has cultivated is with CARMERA. CARMERA is a technology company focused on developing high-definition dynamic maps for Clermont Toyota self-driving vehicles. The company is currently working with Toyota on a proof-of-concept project for HD maps of urban and surface roads. These HD maps will ideally be used as part of the navigation software in the Clermont Toyota self-driving vehicles that will actively chart routes and react to different obstacles and changing traffic patterns. Currently, tests are being conducted largely in highly populated urban centers like New York City and downtown Tokyo. CARMERA is also partnering with major cities to collect data regarding important statistics like pedestrian density, construction projects, and so on.

The future is right around the corner

While it will be some time before we see a self-driving car arrive at Toyota of Clermont, you can still shop technologically advanced Toyota models today. Check out our inventory online or call us at (352) 404 – 7000 for our current specials!