Don’t ever ignore these 5 car smells

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Have you ever gotten behind the wheel, started your car, and gotten an overwhelming whiff of just… gross? It happens. Cars have lots of moving parts and oftentimes, problems with said parts are indicated by odd sounds and weird smells. The sounds can be annoying, but the smells can be downright unpleasant. Toyota of Clermont is here to talk to you about 5 common car smells and why you should never ignore them – check out this wisdom from our Toyota service center!

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Our auto service techs explain which car smells should always be addressed

Smell #1: Maple syrup sweetness 

Do you catch a whiff of Sunday morning pancakes when you start your car? Kidding, but not really. If you smell a sweet, syrupy smell that’s reminiscent of maple syrup when your car gets up and going, then you likely have an issue with an ethylene glycol leak – in other words, a coolant leak. It could be from a hose,  your radiator, or any other component of your cooling system. When you leak coolant your car has a harder time staying cool and preventing overheating, so if you notice this car smell bring your ride into Toyota of Clermont for service ASAP.

Smell #2: Burning carpet

If you’re smelling a burning carpet odor when you’re out and about, it means you’ve got brake pads issues. Typically this smell is caused by your brake pads working overtime and overheating, like if you’re driving in a hilly area and putting them to work. However, if the smell doesn’t go away or gets worse over time, you might want to consider Clermont brake service to have them checked and if necessary, replaced. Remember, worn out brake pads can lead to damaged rotors and big bills.

Smell #3: A dirty gym locker room 

Feel like you’re in a high school locker room when you turn on your A/C? You likely have mold or mildew growing inside your air-conditioning system. It could originate in the condensor so it’s not really a DIY repair – instead, if you catch this car smell bring your ride to Toyota of Clermont for a thorough cleaning.

Smell #4: Like a gas station 

Does the inside of your car reek like you’ve been sitting outside of a gas pump too long? This can be dangerous, so don’t ignore it. This odor means you most likely have a leak in the fuel tank vent hose or a fuel injector line and your car is leaking gas (which remember, is harmful to inhale and VERY flammable). Plus, you’re wasting gas and blowing your fuel efficiency. Bring your car to our auto service center for an inspection!

Smell #5: Rotten eggs 

Rotten eggs are never pleasant and in this particular scenario, they can indicate that you have sulfur in your gasoline and/or hydrogen sulfide in your exhaust system. You could be facing an issue with your fuel injection system or your catalytic converter with this car smell, so don’t delay getting your car checked.

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