Different Car Tire Tread Treadwear Explained

October 23rd, 2020 by

From the roads you drive on, the places you park, and the debris you run over, your car tires go through a lot before they need to be replaced. Every mile and every divet in the road leaves its mark on your tires and they’re very easy to ignore. But, waiting too long to diagnose an issue with your tires can lead to drastic consequences and can leave you blind to other issues your vehicle might be experiencing.

A great way to tell that you’re having issues with your tires is by looking at the way your tread is wearing. Toyota of Clermont is here with an easy guide to make it make sense!

Clermont Toyota car tires

Common Car Tire Treadwear Patterns

Center Wear

Throughout the life cycle of your tires they should wear down evenly. If you’re seeing more wear going on in the center of your car tire you likely have overinflated tires. This causes bulging in different areas of the tire and subsequent wear.

Side Wear

The sides of your Clermont Toyota car tires’ tread could be wearing down because they’re under-inflated. If you’re someone who makes sure to properly inflate your tires to the correct pressure level this could be caused by a bad steering arm or poor alignment.


Cupping Wear

This unique type of tire treadwear is caused by excessive bouncing of your tires as you drive and is most commonly seen on trailer tires. Seeing this on your actual Clermont Toyota tires is likely caused by worn shock absorbers and/or poor suspension system.



While difficult to spot visually, this Clermont car tire issue can be felt by running your hand down the length of your tires’ tread. It will feel like one side of your tires’ tread is sharper or more shallow than the other one. This is most often an indication of poor alignment or that you have to improve your driving habits.


Sidewall Wear

If you’ve ever run into a curb while parallel parking or ran the side of your wheel into something else while parking, you’ve likely worn the sidewall down a bit. This is difficult to create long-term damage by doing, but if you don’t improve your parallel parking skills soon you could compromise the overall structure of the tire.


Flat Spot Wear

A large flat spot in the middle of your car tire tread won’t easily go unnoticed and most often means that you’re driving too aggressively. Reign in this bad driving habit and you should see your tires lasting much longer. However, if you’re someone who swears they drive carefully, this could be caused by an underlying brake system problem.

Regardless of which type of treadwear pattern your tires are taking on, it’s important that you consult with an auto service expert to get an accurate diagnosis, replace your tires, and fix whatever other problem is plaguing your car tires. If you need help, visit Toyota of Clermont at 16851 State Road 50 today!

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