Battle lovebug season with these Toyota of Clermont tips

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Is lovebug season bringing you down? You’re not alone – the Southeast is plagued with these pesky insects a few times a year and the damage they can do to your ride is seriously stressful. Luckily, Toyota of Clermont is here to help you battle lovebug season like a pro and save your car’s paint from major damage. Check it out!

Why do lovebugs do so much damage to your car?

Before we talk tips, let’s talk lovebugs and the ins and outs of these pests. While some people believe the myth that these insects were created in a lab at the University of Florida and accidentally released, they’re actually native to Central and South America. They don’t bite or sting and they also don’t do any damage to plants or crops – really, the only damage they manage is to your car’s paint because they’re highly acidic and can eat right through it. They’re even useful when it comes to natural recycling, as their larvae eat decomposing plant and animal products. But they’re annoying nonetheless and like we mentioned, they can ruin your ride’s paint if you’re not careful. Check out our Clermont Toyota service tips for combating them below.

#1: Wash your car often and ASAP. 

Wash your car often – daily, if you can – and as soon as you get home. The longer you leave lovebugs on your car’s paint the more likely they are to do damage to it and the harder it will be to scrub them off. Do your best to remove them from your vehicle every time you drive as soon as you can to avoid or minimize damage.

#2: Apply two coats of high-quality wax. 

After you wash your car, our Clermont Toyota service reps recommend applying two coats of high-quality wax. This will create a barrier between your ride and the bugs, meaning less chance of paint damage. Not sure which wax to use? Our Toyota of Clermont parts store can point you in the right direction.

#3: Use dryer sheets when washing. 

Believe it or not, washing your car and using dryer sheets to gently scrub the dead bugs off can really make things look like-new again. Just be careful not to scrub too hard – you don’t want to leave scuff marks in the paint.

#4: Try driving at night instead of during the day if you’re traveling long distances. 

Lovebugs tend to swarm during the day so if you’re going to do some distance driving, try to plan it after sundown so you’re less likely to encounter them.

#5: Invest in a car mask, a grille filter, or a wind screen. 

All of these car accessories can be ordered through our parts store and they’ll help protect the paint on your car from the acidity of the bugs.

#6: Consider cooking spray as a last resort. 

Cooking spray can sometimes help the onslaught by making the surface of your car slick, but be sure to check that the oils won’t damage your car’s paint and be sure to wash all oil off thoroughly so it doesn’t leave streaks after you wash.

Shop battle supplies at Toyota of Clermont

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