Which Toyota Models Are The Most Fuel-Efficient?

Owning a fuel-efficient car saves the environment and saves you money on gas. You may be considering trading in your current car for a Toyota with better fuel economy. Our experts at Toyota of Clermont are here to answer, which Toyota models are the most fuel-efficient? 

Electric Cars 

Electric Clermont Toyota Models are the most fuel-efficient on the Toyota lineup, relying purely on large battery packs to power their electric motors. In addition, they produce zero emissions by not running on gasoline. Instead, you will need a wall outlet or charging equipment to charge your electric car to replace going to the gas station. Toyota promised to launch 30 electric vehicles across the Toyota brand by 2030, so there will be plenty released by Toyota over the next few years, launching the all-new Toyota BZ4X in the Summer of 2022. 

The BZ4X is an all-electric Toyota SUV with upgraded tech ​​and an EPA-estimated driving range of up to 252 miles for the XLE FWD and 228 miles for the XLE AWD. This summer, we will have the BZ4X at our dealership if you’re looking for a fuel-efficient Toyota in Clermont, FL. 

Plug-in Hybrids 

Plug-in Hybrids give drivers the best of both worlds by using a hybrid car’s engine that runs on gasoline and an electric motor, with an attached rechargeable battery for specifically electric-powered driving. So, once the electric charge runs out, it switches to the internal combustion engine. These models have low emissions and great fuel economy. Plug-in hybrid models can be charged using an EV charging station and at the gas station. If you kept your plug-in hybrid charged, you could solely allow it to run off of electric power if you charged it daily. 

These models are available on our lineup in the Toyota Prius Prime and the Toyota RAV4 Prime. Check out our inventory to get your hands on a fuel-efficient Toyota plug-in hybrid in Clermont, FL. 


A hybrid helps lower gas emissions and has a better fuel economy. The car’s engine runs on a gasoline and electric motor, with an attached rechargeable battery for specifically electric-powered driving. The hybrid engine uses both engines simultaneously, making your car’s fuel economy better than just a regular gasoline engine. Toyota’s hybrids have been around for a while and have gone through many generations and evolutions.

Our Toyota lineup has Hybrids available in these models: 

Gasoline Cars 

Gasoline-fueled cars have been the go-to for many car buyers. They’re easy to use, easy to fuel, and have a wide driving range. But unfortunately, they aren’t the best for lowering gas emissions. However, if you want a gasoline car with good fuel economy, we suggest looking into these models:

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