Where’s the best place to get an oil change?

An oil change is one of those maintenance services you have to get once a year – and if you don’t you may manage to cut your engine’s lifespan in half. It’s important to know how much your oil change should cost to ensure you get the best price for your Toyota service. Our experts here at Toyota of Clermont are going to catch you up on everything you need to know. 

How much is an oil change at Toyota?

How much is an oil change at Toyota? 

This is a question that is asked quite a lot because there is no standard answer. An oil change price varies depending on the model and size of your vehicle. For example, the bigger the car, the more oil is needed which can increase the price. Another factor is determining what type of oil you need to get. Some Clermont Toyota models require synthetic oil, and others do just fine with conventional oil. So, how much is an oil change at Toyota? Here’s a breakdown based on the type of oil your car needs: 

  • If you’re getting a conventional oil change, the cost should be anywhere between $35-75.
  • If you’re getting a synthetic oil change, the cost should be anywhere between $65-125. These are more expensive, yet they also last longer. 

Now, where should you go for an oil change?

When deciding where to go for an oil change, it can be easy just to choose the quickest option because convenience is the obvious answer right? Well, not necessarily. That’s because efficiency is the priority of quick lube places, and the sacrifice lacks priority for these aspects of getting an oil change: 

  • the proper replacement of your oil
  • selecting the proper oil filter
  • doing a diligent job getting rid of all of the old engine oil. 

So, it’s best to stick to going to a Toyota dealership with certified-trained technicians who know exactly how to properly take care of Toyotas. One of the perks to going to dealerships is they are educated on all of the proper oil types needed for your Clermont Toyota, and more. For example, if you have an RAV4, our technicians know exactly what type of oil is needed for an RAV4 and have the proper oil filter part ready. How much is an oil change at Toyota? Dealerships can range to be more expensive than your quick lube oil change, however, dealerships run promotions all the time! Check out the promos we have going on right here at Toyota of Clermont!

Our trusted technicians will provide you with the best oil change service to ensure your engine remains healthy. In addition, we offer a buy one get one free oil change coupon for a good oil change cost. Feel free to schedule your next service appointment in the Clermont, Florida area online! 

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