We offer affordable Orlando tire repair at our Toyota Service Center!

Have a flat tire? It's not a fun situation, and you'll definitely need Orlando tire repair to get your ride back out on the road. However, you don't have to stress - we offer this auto service at our Orlando Toyota Service Center, and we're bringing you the ins and outs of tire repair so you can better understand what you're looking at when you bring your car to us!

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What types of tire repair do we offer at our Toyota Service Center?

We offer different types of Orlando tire repair at our auto service center - here are the main ones: 

  • Plug
  • Patch
  • Tire replacement 

We're discussing each so you can see which type of Orlando tire repair best suits your situation when you visit us! 

One of the most common problems we see with a tire is that someone has run over a nail or a screw and now has a flat tire. You may be tempted to either leave the nail in OR yank the nail out and plug the hole yourself at home with a DIY kit, but we don't recommend this - unless you're skilled with these types of repairs, you run the risk of doing it incorrectly. If the plug pops out while you're on the road, you'll have a blowout - which can easily lead to a collision or an accident and definitely puts you and your passengers in danger! 

So, how do we decide what type of Orlando tire repair we're going to use on your tire? Our techs will take a look at the interior of the tire with a bright light so they can see what type of damage has been done to the surrounding structure and go from there. Here's the basic breakdown: 

  • Tire plugs and tire patches are used if the nail or screw has made a clean puncture without jagged edges. They're only acceptable if there's no surrounding damage to the structure. These types of tire repair are less expensive than replacing a tire, but again, our techs will only recommend them if there's not a ton of damage to your vehicle's tire. 
  • However, if the damage has jagged edges or is bigger than ¼ inch, you're going to need a replacement… tire repair won't cut it. This is also the case if the structure of the tire's support system - i.e., the sidewall belts - have been compromised. In this case, a patch or plug won't do the job and you'll soon end up with another flat, if not a blowout! Luckily, we offer affordable tires for sale in Orlando so you can get back on the road in no time.

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If you need affordable tire repairs in Orlando or need a replacement tire, come on down and see us! We're at 16851 State Road 50, and our Toyota Service Center is open seven days a week for your convenience. Additionally, we offer Orlando auto service coupons that can drive down the price of a new tire for you! Call us today at (866) 454-1614!


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