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How to Change A Tire

Do you know how to change a tire on your car?

No matter what shape your car is in, flat tires happen (unfortunately). There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road with a flat waiting for a tow truck, especially during summer here in Central Florida. That’s where our Orlando Toyota Service Center comes in. We’re here to give you step-by-step instructions on how to change a tire with confidence so you’re never stranded again.


Learn how to change a tire, step by step

How to Change a Tire, Step 1: Pull over! (Obviously.) You’ll want to choose a patch of space that’s free of sand and is nice and even to prevent your car from rolling or sinking. Also, be sure to park well away from passing cars and turn your hazards on to alert other drivers of your presence.
How to Change a Tire, Step 2: Next, grab that handy tire-changing kit that our Orlando Toyota Service Center can put together for you from your trunk. You’ll need your spare tire, a jack, and a wrench for the lug nuts, at the very least. You might also consider gloves to protect your hands, a flashlight in case it’s dark or dim outside, and a tire pressure gauge to make sure your spare is inflated enough.
How to Change a Tire, Step 3: Let’s get started on swapping that flat out. Our Orlando Toyota Service Center recommends loosening up the lug nuts first; don’t remove them quite yet, but get them nice and wiggly. You’ll jack the car up next. Be sure to put the jack in the specified spot under the car so you don’t damage the frame of your car – your owner’s manual will give you instructions as to where it should go. Jack the car up about six inches off the ground.
How to Change a Tire, Step 4: Now it’s time to take that tire off. Here’s a helpful tip from our Toyota Service techs in Orlando – DO NOT lose the lug nuts! To remove the tire, you’ll remove the lug nuts (put them in your pocket or in a small pile where they won’t scatter) and then pull the tire STRAIGHT OUT, toward you. It’ll be heavy, so be prepared.
How to Change a Tire, Step 5: Set your current tire aside – you should bring it with you to our Orlando Toyota Service Center so they can examine it and see if they can repair or patch it. Next, put on the spare. Make sure it’s inflated enough to drive on and then push it onto the car, lining up the lug nut holes and pushing until it hits the wheelbase. Next, put on the lug nuts. You’ll want to ensure they’re tight – if they’re not, the tire might wobble or even come off while you’re driving.

Replace your car tire at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando

Now you know how to change a tire. Remember, spare tires aren’t designed to take on long distances or high speeds so you’ll want to get your car into our Orlando auto service center as soon as possible to get a replacement tire on your ride.

Have questions, need a new set of Orlando car tires, or want to learn how to change a tire in person? Call Toyota of Clermont today! You can reach us at 352-404-7001.

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