How long do car batteries last? Toyota of Clermont explains

Have you ever had your car battery die on you? If so, you know it can lead to a stressful roadside situation. Your battery is responsible for getting your Clermont Toyota up and running every single time you start your car so if it’s out of commission, you’re not going anywhere. That’s why we’re always reminding you how important it is to monitor it, maintain it, and replace it when necessary. But how long do car batteries last?

how long does a car battery last

How long do car batteries last?

The answer to the question of “how long do car batteries last” isn’t a cut and dry one. A car battery’s lifespan can vary depending on the climate that you live in, how often you drive, and how well you care for it. Here are a few things to consider when determining how long your battery will last.

In general, car batteries last 3-4 years. Some may last as long as 6 years, while others may only live 2 years. It depends on things like:

Where you live. Did you know that climate can have a big impact on how long your car battery lasts? Both extreme heat and extreme cold can be detrimental to its lifespan. In hot climates (like the one here in Clermont), high temperatures can cause water to evaporate out of the battery’s liquid electrolytes as well as accelerate corrosion inside of the battery. Overall, it leads to decreased charge capacity, which means a weak starting ability.

On the other hand, cold weather (temps below 32 degrees, namely) can reduce your car battery’s strength by up to 35% and make it have to work a whole lot harder to get your car started.

How you drive. You may think that the more you drive your car, the shorter its life will be. However, it’s the opposite! If you only drive your car every now and then and leave it sitting in the garage for long periods of time, the battery can actually drain. When you drive the car, the battery charges up for the next time, so if it’s sitting idle, it’s not getting that opportunity to charge. If you have a car that tends to sit, take it for a 30-40 minute drive every week to let it charge the battery up.

Your car accessories. How you use your car’s accessories has a big impact on how long it’ll last. Remember, the car battery is used to start the car, not play DJ when you’re tailgating or run the A/C while you take a nap on your lunch break. If you’re using it to power your accessories a lot it can run the battery down. Plus, if you forget to turn your lights off – even an interior dome light – it can drain your car battery overnight.

Your car care schedule. Do you routinely maintain your car battery? It’s a critical part of your car care schedule. Our Toyota of Clermont techs will visually inspect this VIP part, clean the cables and clamps for you, check the levels of electrolytes, and check the voltage to ensure the charge is where it should be.

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