Car Dents vs Dings? Experts Explain Everything You Need To Know.

Accidents happen every day and they extend to your car. Don’t fret if you see a car dent or ding on your car as frustrating as they are, there’s probably nothing you could’ve done to stop it from happening. Car dents and dings can result from unpredictable weather or the car’s door next to you hitting your car. Toyota of Clermont is here to help you with everything you need to know about car dings and dents. 

The Difference Between Car Dents vs Car Dings

Let’s dive further into car dents vs car dings by looking at how to classify them, the most common causes of these damages, and why it’s important to repair these damages. 

What are Car Dents?

fix car dent in clermont fl

The damage that results in a car dent is the more serious type of car damage between a car dent and car ding. If you are trying to determine whether your car is classified as this type of damage look into these criteria: 

  • The size of the damage is larger than a ding
  • Involve paint or metalwork damage on your Clermont Toyota
  • Usually in the shape of a round, creased, or sharp dent. 
  • More costly than Dings to repair 

Car Dents not only devalue your Clermont Toyota but can also cause further damage to other parts of your car like electronics or sensors. It’s important to take your car in to be serviced to fix these dents and check for further damage. Here at Toyota of Clermont, our talented trained technicians are here to help fix your car dents. 

Most Common Causes of Car Dents

  • Shopping carts running into car exterior
  • The car’s door next to you hits your car
  • Road Debris hits your car while driving
  • Car collisions

What are Car Dings?

fix car dings from hail damage

You can tell your Clermont Toyota has a Car Ding by the size of the damage. Car dings are a centimeter or less in diameter. Although car dings show less damage than car dents, it’s very important to take your Clermont Toyota to be fixed at our service center. Car Dings that have not been properly repaired can cause the chipped paint to expose metal and rust, lowering the resale value of your Clermont Toyota. 

Most Common causes of car dings: 

Is it better to DIY repair car dents and dings? 

It’s tricky to determine whether it’s worth the risk to repair your car’s dents and dings on your own. There is always the risk of messing up your car’s paint or metal work further by accident. This may lead to a more costly repair in the end, as well as unnecessary time invested. Ultimately, it is up to you. However, it’s always a good idea to contact your auto insurance to look into the car coverage on car dings and car dents. 

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