What You Should Know Before Purchasing An Electric Car

Electric cars are eco-friendly rides that give drivers an elevated driving experience with low running costs. If you’re looking to be the owner of an electric car but you’re unsure of the preparation that comes with purchasing an electric car, you’re in the right place. Our experts here at Toyota of Clermont will guide you on everything you need to know before purchasing an electric car.

So, What is an Electric car? 

Electric cars have a different type of motor than the traditional internal combustion engines you may be used to operating. Instead, they run off an electric motor that stores electricity in a battery. So, they don’t need gas to power them at all. Instead, they’re charged through electric charging stations. 

What do you need to prepare before purchasing an electric car?

Check out your commute and driving range compatibility!

Before purchasing a Clermont Toyota electric car, calculate the miles on your commute to determine if the driving range would be convenient. You want to make sure that you’ll be able to get to where you need to on your daily commute without interrupting it by charging your electric car for 30 minutes. The nice thing about electric cars is charging them doesn’t cost much and will save you a lot of money. However, electric cars aren’t for everyone, so choosing the right car for your specific driving needs is necessary

How are you planning on charging your Electric car?

There are multiple options for charging your electric car — whether you charge it in your garage, your apartment complex, or at a charging station nearby. You first want to make sure that you can have a charging station installed in your home or have one in your apartment complex. The other option is to go to charging stations nearby. There are many phone apps that can help you find public charging stations when and where you need them. 

Did you know you can get tax incentives for purchasing an electric car?

Clermont Toyota Electric cars mean you may be eligible for state and local rebates for more money back in your wallet. However, if you break it down, even though electric cars may run to be more expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are in the end through rebates and saving money on gas. You could save up to $7,500 in tax credits, depending on where you live! 

Alternative options for an electric car 

If you find yourself not ready to purchase an electric car but are still looking to get a vehicle that gets excellent fuel efficiency with low emissions, there are alternatives on the Clermont Toyota lineup. Toyotas in Clermont, FL, offers Plug-In hybrids, The RAV4 Prime and Prius Prime, and Hybrid options in almost every Toyota model. 

Are you thinking of trading in your current car for a more fuel-efficient Clermont Toyota? Visit Toyota of Clermont today! We’re located seven days a week for your convenience at 16851 State Road 50!