How to Deal with Basic Car Emergencies

For most of us, grabbing our keys and heading out the door is as normal as the coffee we have every morning. For most of us, commuting to work or running a few errands goes off without a hitch. But there’s always the occasional day when something goes wrong. It catches most of us off guard and can really do a number on our psyche as drivers. While accidents and car emergencies happen every day it doesn’t make getting into one any less scary or uncertain.

Unfortunately there’s no current way to completely avoid danger while on the road. The best we can do as drivers is stay prepared, drive carefully and while alert, and to know what to do in the event that an accident occurs. If you have yet to have your first accident/mishap or you’re uncertain of the proper protocol, Toyota of Clermont is here with a little assist!

Clermont car emergencies

Common Car Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

Flat Tire

There’s nothing worse than feeling and hearing your wheel/rim grinding on the ground as you drive. A flat tire is a very common and uncomfortable car emergency that can happen to almost anyone. To deal with this type of car emergency you should first look for signs that your tire has gone flat, i.e. tire pressure warning light, odd sounds, difficulty driving, bumpy feeling, etc. Next, pull over at the nearest and safest point in your drive and begin to install your spare tire. You should then immediately drive to an auto service location to have the flattened tire repaired or replaced.

Car Not Starting

Your Clermont Toyota car might be reliable, but it will have its day when it decides to not run. This could be a number or reasons but the most common is a drained battery. In this car emergency case you’re going to need a set of jumper cables, a friend, and another car. Hook your jumper cables up to the vehicle battery you plan to use for the jump and your own and begin the jump starting process. Your Clermont car should start and maintain a charge for the time being. After handling this type of car emergency we recommend visiting an auto service specialist to replace your battery asap.

Fender Bender

A car accident can be one of the scariest experiences you come across while on the road. If you drive anywhere near Orlando you’re likely familiar with the infamous fender bender. In the event of one, make sure you and the other vehicle involved in this car emergency pull over out of traffic. You should assess the damages and have a dialogue with the other person regarding the accident and next steps. In most cases, and for insurance purposes, the police are called to file a formal report. During this time you should contact your car insurance company to file a claim and have the damages repaired.

Car Overheating

Smelling odd odors or seeing smoke coming from your engine compartment is a *little* abnormal for your daily commute. This usually indicates an overheating type of car emergency. To deal with this effectively, pull over when it’s safe and you’re able to and open your engine compartment. Allow the engine to cool off after you’ve shut it off and call for Clermont roadside assistance. Your vehicle will then be towed to an auto service location and repairs will be assessed.

Still have questions on how to deal with car emergencies? Our auto service experts at Toyota of Clermont are here to help! Give us a call at (352) 404 7000 today with any questions.