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Are Toyotas the Most Long Lasting Cars? 

You may have heard that a Toyota car will last you a lifetime. There’s no denying that Toyota’s are known for their long-lasting qualities. Did you know that a Tundra passed running over a million miles? So, how long do Toyotas really last? Here at Toyota of Clermont, our experts are going to let you in on why Toyota’s are so long-lasting. 

Why are Toyota’s so reliable? 

Yes, Toyota’s are known for their reliability. Toyotas have an average lifespan of 200,000-250,000 miles. If you make sure to keep your car with proper care and maintenance, Toyotas can be driven over 500,000 miles. The reliability can be attributed to the low number of mechanical issues, cost to repair those issues, and recalls. Toyota’s don’t break down easily at all. 

What keeps a Toyota long lasting? 

What makes a car long-lasting is when a car reaches 200,000 miles or more, by a study on the automotive research firm and car search engine iseecars.com. Toyota’s average lifespan averages out to be 200,000-250,000 miles. This is because of their stable foundations and engineering. Toyota has invested a lot into the design and development of these vehicles to make sure they run efficiently and thoroughly. 

    • Regular maintenance: By taking your Clermont Toyota to get serviced you help it maintain a healthy engine and run smoothly
    • Don’t run on empty: It ruins your tank by increasing your opportunity to cause damage to your car’s longevity
    • Buying quality parts: Try not to buy parts in an attempt to save money. It’s best to buy Toyota certified parts here at our dealership at Toyota of Clermont. 
    • Fix any problems as soon as possible: Don’t wait until the last minute to replace what you need on your car. If you do this will shorten the lifespan on the Toyota. 



Case Study: The Million Mile Tundra

If a Tundra lasting past one million miles doesn’t tell you that Toyota cars are reliable I don’t know what will. It may sound impossible, but this Tundra is living proof that Toyota’s reliability is very present. To put it into perspective, cars over 100k miles are usually considered to be “high mileage” and high mileage can contribute to lower resale value. However, since Toyota’s are known for their long-lasting durability, they tend to retain more resale value. 

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