Clermont Toyota experts explain a car fender repair

Car fender repairs start out really tough – you may have gotten rear-ended or other types of car accidents. So now you’re stuck and left to wonder what is a car fender repair. Our Clermont Toyota auto service experts are Making it Simple™️ by breaking down all you need to know about fender repairs. Let’s get started.


What is a car fender?

First, you’ll need to know what a car fender is. A car fender is a part of your car that frames the wheel and wheel wells. If you’re more of a visual learner – it’s the curved panel that runs from the bumper to the doors. 

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Clermont Toyota experts break down the purpose of a car fender

Even if you don’t need a car fender repair (and hopefully you won’t ever need one), you should still know what it is. Let’s get into the purpose of a car fender.

  • To protect your tires and braking system. The car fender prevents dirt, sand mud, rocks, and other types of debris from getting to your tires and braking system.
  • Prevention. A car fender helps prevent your Clermont Toyota’s paint from chipping.
  • Helps people outside your Clermont Toyota. Car fenders were designed to help prevent debris from being thrown at other pedestrians and cars.

Damage on a car fender

If you were hit and saw that you only got a little bit of damage – then you’ll just need a fender repair. The fender repair cost is way more affordable than the front fender replacement cost (aka you’re very lucky). These are the types of minor damages that you might see on your car fender after an accident:

  • Scratches and dents. These minor damages can be easily repaired through paintless dent repair. A paintless dent repair is when our Clermont Toyota body shop experts use specialized tools to manipulate the metal back to its original shape without damaging the paint.
  • Cosmetic damages. These types of damages don’t need a front fender replacement. A body shop expert will either sand, fill, or repaint the damaged area to make your car look brand new.
  • Limited rust. You’ll need to get a Clermont Toyota body shop expert to sand and repaint the affected area to prevent further rusting.

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Making handling a front fender replacement simple

If you look at your car and see there’s a concerning amount of damage to your car fender – then you might need to consider a front fender replacement. Let’s get into the signs that you’ll need the replacement:

  • Cracks. If you notice this fender damage – schedule an appointment to get that fixed ASAP.
  • Bent or misaligned fender. Definitely consider scheduling an appointment to get this fixed because it could rub against your tires and you’ll be risking your life. 

If you ignore these signs, you might put your passenger and yourself at risk because it could potentially affect your Clermont Toyota’s structure. 

What is the front fender replacement cost?

Unfortunately, the front fender replacement cost all depends on your car’s model, make, year, and damage – so we can’t give you a straight answer. But, our Clermont Toyota body shop experts can give you an idea of the numbers you might be seeing.

  • Smaller cars. These front fender replacement costs are usually around $1,000 – but it depends on the size of your car and the damage. It could be more or less.
  • Bigger rides (like SUVs and trucks). These can range from $1,500 all the way to $6,000.

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