Automatic vs Manual Transmission

New Toyota cars come with an automatic or manual transmission!

When it comes to enjoying the vehicle you own, it’s essential to make sure that it has the proper features that will deliver the kind of driving experience that you’re looking for. Many new Toyota and come with different components so that drivers can enjoy their time on the road.

One significant feature that you should consider if you’re thinking about taking home a new Toyota near Orlando is whether or not you want an automatic or manual transmission. The type of transmission your vehicle comes with is critical because it influences the type of driving experience you’ll have!

Enjoy a sporty driving experience in a new Toyota near Orlando

If you’re looking for a more controlled and sporty experience, then a manual transmission might be the right choice for you.

  • A manual transmission can provide drivers of a new car with a greater sense of control because the driver is actually the one manipulating the different gears. The transmission in a car basically uses different gears to achieve different speeds. With a manual transmission, you’re adjusting the gears yourself so that your car can start, stop, and travel at different speeds.
  • A manual transmission can also potentially be a more cost-effective option. Generally speaking, they tend to have a lower starting MSRP, and they can also get better gas mileage. This means that this transmission can easily help your budget not just when you drive your new car off the lot of Toyota of Clermont, but at the gas pump as well.
If you’re thinking about getting a vehicle that comes with a manual transmission, you have quite a selection to choose from! Just look at this list of new Toyota near Orlando that come with this option. There are plenty of different styles and features to consider:

  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Toyota 86

However, don’t rule out the option of taking home a model that comes with an automatic transmission, either. This transmission also delivers many different benefits.


Is an automatic new Toyota right for you?

Just like with the manual transmission, it’s important to consider the different benefits that an automatic vehicle has to offer.

  • While drivers of a manual transmission might appreciate the in-control driving experience it delivers, an automatic transmission is also praised by some for the ease and convenience it provides. With a manual transmission, it’s necessary to shift the gears yourself. However, an automatic transmission does this hard work for the driver.
  • Cars that come with a manual transmission are also getting harder and harder to find. This means that if you love having access to a variety of options to consider when shopping for a new ride, you’ll probably have more models to choose from if you prefer an automatic transmission.

When it comes to getting a new Toyota near Orlando, it’s important to consider your personal preferences, too. This helps direct you towards getting inside a vehicle that will sport the capabilities you’re looking for.

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