Why is my steering wheel shaking?

There are many reasons why you may have to pay a visit to our auto service center in Orlando.  You may need to get routine auto service, a quick check up, or if something is acting up you can always count on our Toyota service team. However, have you been to our auto service center due to a steering wheel problem? If you've experienced a vibrating steering wheel while driving, you should probably visit our auto service center in Orlando. There are a few reasons why your steering wheel may be shaking and our Orlando Toyota service technicians want to share those reasons with you.This way you won't be worried about what's happening to your car. 

Our Orlando Toyota service team explains why your steering wheel is shaking

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Have you ever been behind the wheel when all of a sudden your steering wheel starts shaking so hard that it makes you feel like you're on a roller coaster ride? According to our Orlando auto service team, there are a couple reasons why this could be happening and we want to break them down to you and explain why. If you notice these things happening to your car, come to our Orlando Toyota service center and get it checked in no time. 

  • Out of balance tires - If when driving, you notice that the steering wheel begins to vibrate once you speed up past 50 mph, the tires may be your problem.  This means that your tires are out of balance and causes you steering to go stir crazy. However, a quick visit to our Orlando auto service center can get your wheels back in place and stop the vibrating. 
  • Loose brake rotors - If you notice your steering wheel shaking when you step on the brake, the problem is probably in the brake system. One of the parts in the brake system that can cause the vibrating is the brake rotors; if they're not tightened properly or loose, they can cause the wheel to shake. You may even feel the vibrating through the brake pedal. 
  • Worn out brake pads - Another part of the brake system that can cause the vibrating is worn out brake pads. The pads are what apply pressure to wheel when you need to stop. If worn out, it can make the steering wheel shake due to the scrapping metal. However, a worn out brake pad can be dangerous, so we recommend getting it replaced right away! Visit our auto service center in Orlando to get checked and replaced. 

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Get your steering wheel in check at our Orlando auto service center!

The good thing about steering wheel shaking is that our Orlando auto service technicians can easily repair it at any time! If you experience steering wheel trouble when driving, visit our auto service center and have your car back in shape in no time. You can call ahead to schedule and appointment at our Orlando Toyota service center at (866) 454-1614. Or come straight to our auto service center at Toyota of Clermont! We're located right in between U.S. 27 and the Florida Turnpike at 16851 State Road 50!  


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