Learn how to maintain your car brakes!

The brake system is an extremely important part of your car. Not only can it be dangerous if this system fails, brake repair can be expensive! This is why you want to make your car brakes last as long as possible. To do this, you have to check them regularly, get routine car maintenance, and adopt certain driving techniques. Our Orlando Toyota service technicians are sharing tips for maintaining your car brakes!

Car brakes

Driving tips for extending the lifespan of your car brakes

Although we offer affordable brake service in Orlando, we know that you want to avoid paying for it as much as possible. If you want your car brakes to last a long time, you have to make a conscious effort to maintain them! Brakes go through a lot of wear and tear, but you can help minimize it with these driving tips:

  • Avoid high-speed stops: Coming to a stop while going at high speeds can add a lot of wear and tear to your car brakes. When you brake too suddenly, it creates a lot of friction and heat in the brake system, which can prematurely wear them down! We suggest anticipating stops ahead of time and slowly coming to a stop.

  • Limit your braking: You should also be smart about your braking by learning to coast instead of riding in your brakes. Riding on your brakes is when you're constantly putting pressure on your brakes. Instead of doing this, just let your car slow down by taking your foot off the gas pedal ahead of time and just pulse on the brakes.

Take care of your car with brake service in Orlando!

Orlando brake service

You can limit the amount of wear and tear on your car brakes by changing the way you drive; however, you still need to bring your car to our Orlando Toyota Service Center. In order to keep your brakes in tip-top shape, you have to take care of them with routine inspections and brake service in Orlando. Here are some of our tips for maintaining your car brakes:

  • Get routine brake inspections: The best way to take care of your car brakes is by getting them inspected regularly at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando. By keeping an eye on the brake pads and other parts of your car's brake system, you can detect problems and fix them before they become even bigger issues!

  • Don't ignore warning signs: There are several warning signs you can look out for that could mean it's time for brake service in Orlando. If you notice any of these warning signs, you should take care of them right away. Ignoring them can only cause more problems for your car brakes and cost you more money in the long run!

  • Check your owner's manual: You should always consult your owner's manual when it comes to keeping up with the maintenance your car brakes need. Most vehicles typically need the brake fluid flushed and an Orlando brake pads replacement every 25,000 miles. You should always go by the recommendations in your car owner's manual when getting car maintenance in Orlando!

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