Auto service guide for college students

Are you getting ready to head out to school for the new semester? There's a lot to prepare for before you head out, including your car! While you're at home, you probably go to your parents for a lot of your car needs. Once you're away at school, you'll have to take on the responsibility. Don't fret! Our Orlando Toyota service team is here to help you through it. We have a made a short and sweet auto service guide to help you through your car needs while you're away from home! 

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Orlando auto service tips

Motor oil 

When you see a light pop up on your dashboard that looks like an oil tin with a drop dripping from it, that's your car letting you know you need an oil change in Orlando. Keeping up with your car's oil change is very important! It's what keeps your engine and parts moving effortlessly. If you think your car isn't performing as well as it should, you can check your oil to see if it needs to be changed. Check out these tips from our Orlando auto service technicians: 

  • When the car is cooled down, go under the hood of the vehicle and find the dip stick in the engine. 
  • Wipe the dip stick off in a clean cloth and stick it back in.
  • Pull the dip stick back out and analyze where the oil markings are on the stick and the color of the oil. If it's low on the stick, you're in need of an oil change. If it has a dark, almost black color then the oil is old and needs to be replaced. 



A battery's life is about two to three years! So if you're nearing that lifecycle, be cautious of your car battery. If you see a rectangular light with "+" and a "-"symbols inside the rectangle on your dashboard, your battery needs a recharge. Visit our auto service center in Orlando to refresh it. However, if you end up with a dead battery, here's how you can jump start your car: 

  • Make sure you have jumper cables and that there's a car close by to help you jump the car. 
  • Shift both vehicles into park and turn off both cars. 
  • Place the jumper cable's red clips on the positive terminals of both car batteries. 
  • Attach one of the black clips on the other vehicle's negative terminal. Place the other black clip on an unpainted metal piece on your car. 
  • Start the other vehicle and let it charge for a while before starting your car. 


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car maintenance


It's really important that you keep an eye out on your car tires! They take on various terrains and need to be in good shape in order to keep you safe. Luckily, nowadays newer model cars are integrated with low tire pressure warnings. So, if you see a sign similar to this, "(!)", add air into your tires! However, if you're in the unfortunate event that you have a flat tire, here's how to change it: 

  • Pull over into a safe spot and turn on your hazard lights.
  • Use a wrench to loosen up your lug nuts and place the jack to lift your vehicle off the ground.
  • Remove the lug nuts with the wrench and keep them in a safe spot. 
  • Slide the flat tire straight out of it place, then slide on the spare tire. 
  • Place the lug nuts and tighten them into place to secure the spare. 
  • Lower the car back down and place the flat tire in trunk. 



Keep your brakes in check! You need them in order to come to a complete and safe stop. If you hear screeching when you brake or if your brake system isn't responding as efficiently, you should stop by Toyota service center. Get your brake pads checked and your fluids topped off to ensure they're applying proper pressure to the rotors! 

Dashboard light

The lights on the car's dashboard can be confusing! So if a light that you're unfamiliar with comes on, check the car's manual. However, these are some of the most common ones you'll encounter: 

  • Check engine - Typically the engine light states "CHECK ENGINE SOON". Before you rush to our service center, check that your gas cap is safely fastened. 
  • Low fuel - If you see a red light that looks like a gas pump, it means you're low on gas. Make your way to a gas station!  


If you have any further questions regarding auto service, call our Orlando Toyota service team at (866) 454 - 1614.  


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