Your check engine light is on - do you need Orlando auto repairs?

Have you ever been behind the wheel and seen that little amber glow come on in your dash? The check engine light is a source of dread for many drivers, as they automatically assume that it translates to expensive auto repairs in Orlando. However, that's not necessarily the case - there are actually quite a few reasons why that nagging little light may come on, and our auto repairs center is here to help you decipher them! 

What causes the check engine light to come on?

Faulty or loose gas cap:
Reason one your check engine light may be on? Your gas cap isn't tightened enough, or it's faulty! The check engine light is a dead giveaway for this particular problem, so pull over and make sure everything is screwed in tightly before panicking. You may not need Orlando auto repairs after all! However, if you screwing the cap on tighter doesn't make the light go off after a few miles, you may want to come see us! 

A bad spark plug: A spark plug may seem like a tiny component of what's under the hood, but it can actually have a pretty big effect on performance (like shutting it down altogether). Check your spark plugs if you see that annoying amber light in your dash - you may need Orlando auto repairs to replace the bad ones and get your car back in efficient running order. 

A broken mass airflow sensor: Sometimes, the check engine light CAN indicate that you need to schedule auto repairs in Orlando (unfortunately - wouldn't it be nice if it always meant your gas cap was loose?). The light can indicate that you're having issues with your mass airflow sensor, which tells your ride how much fuel it should be using based on the amount of air coming into the engine. Therefore, if it's not functioning your fuel efficiency will take a noticeable dive and you may start stalling out. Get it replaced as soon as you can! 


Should you schedule auto repairs in Orlando? 

A bad oxygen sensor: The oxygen sensors in your car can get covered in grease, dirt, and soot as time goes on, causing them to give out on you. They're important because they keep track of the unburned oxygen in the exhaust (basically, it monitors how much fuel is being burned, so you get better fuel efficiency and less emissions. It's relatively inexpensive to fix when it comes to Orlando auto repairs, bt if you wait it can lead to a busted catalytic converter, which will definitely give your wallet a run for its money. 

A broken catalytic converter:
Unfortunately, this category of Orlando auto repairs can definitely run up your bill. However, it's a must-fix - it destroys your gas mileage and will eventually prevent your car from running altogether. The check engine light can indicate this problem so if you think it may be the cause, be sure to get your car into our Toytoa Service Center and get it fixed immediately. 

If you're unsure as to why your check engine light is glowing, don't panic! Call our Toyota Service Center at (866) 454-1614 today to schedule an appointment! 

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