Schedule Orlando radiator repair before it's too late!

Scheduling routine car maintenance in Orlando is important. We know we keep harping on the fact and reminding you to mark your calendar, but it's essential to give your car the tools it needs to provide you with an exceptional performance. One element of car maintenance that often gets put off is radiator repair - drivers often fear that it's expensive and time consuming to complete. However, it doesn't have to be - Toyota of Clermont is here to help! 

Why is car radiator repair so important?

Cheap radiator repair

First things first. What exactly does a car radiator do? It's job is to keep the engine and all of its components cool and moving smoothly. Without it, your engine would almost immediately overheat and probably seize up (which means a big old chunk out of your wallet). Thus, it's important to make sure that your car radiator system is working in top-notch condition? which means scheduling radiator repair when you're due for it! 

When should you schedule this Orlando car maintenance? 

What signs indicate that you need to schedule radiator repair in Orlando? We've got all the symptoms that you need to make an appointment for this important car maintenance? so read on! 

  • Is your engine overheating? If so, you may have a leak in your radiator system or another issue with how it's keeping things cool in the engine block. You do not want to ignore an overheated engine, as it can lead to extremely costly auto repairs. Schedule Orlando radiator repair as quickly as possible to get the problem sorted out! 
  • Do you see a puddle of liquid under your car? If you see a puddle of slimy green or blue liquid, you most likely have a leak in your radiator system. Not only is radiator fluid toxic to humans AND animals, it also serves a big purpose in cooling the engine block and if you run out of it, you're going to have an overheated engine in no time. Schedule radiator repair to nip the issue in the bud!

Orlando car maintenance

  • Do you see rust or strange discoloration on the radiator itself? This can indicate that you're facing a leak and again, this can cause big problems in the engine block when it comes to overheating. Get your radiator checked out at our Orlando Toyota Service Center! 
  • Are your coolant levels low? If it seems like you're losing fluid out of your radiator system at a faster rate than normal (because remember, your levels will get low and require replenishment over time) then you may have a leak. You should schedule Orlando radiator repair to get it taken care of before the levels become too low to function. 
  • Do your hoses have cracks or weird bulges in them? This can mean they're wearing out and you need to schedule Orlando car maintenance to get them replaced before they break and cause a leak in the system. Let our Toyota Service Center help you out!

Need to schedule an appointment? Give us a shout at (866) 945-0493 today and make it happen - we're open seven days a week with the longest service hours in Central Florida! 

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