Toyota of Clermont explains different types of car exhaust smoke

Have you ever glanced behind your car and noticed that there's a whole lot of exhaust smoke coming out of the tailpipe? This can indicate a problem, and to be able to better diagnose the issue you have to know what different types of car exhaust smoke mean. That's where our Orlando Toyota service center comes into play! We've got the guide when it comes to car exhaust smoke and what type of Toyota service it indicates you're in need of!

Know how to identify the problem with your car by its exhaust smoke

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The best way to identify the problem behind car exhaust smoke (and by extension, the Orlando Toyota service you're going to need to fix it) is to take a close look at the color. There are four main colors that you may see: grey, white, blue, and black. We're explaining each of them so you can schedule Toyota service in Orlando to get the issue fixed ASAP! 

White exhaust smoke: There are two types of white exhaust smoke. The first is thin and wispy, almost like vapors - don't worry about that kind. It's usually just condensation burning off. However, if you see thick, dense white clouds coming out of your tailpipe, you need Orlando Toyota service. This is a pretty good indicator that your car may be about to overheat due to issues with the coolant system, and can also be a sign that you have a cracked engine block or damaged head gasket. Don't ignore this smoke - schedule Toyota service in Orlando!

Our Orlando Toyota Service Center explains car exhaust smoke 

Black exhaust smoke: Black exhaust smoke, on the other hand, can indicate that you need Orlando Toyota service for your fuel system. You may have a clogged fuel line, broken fuel sensor, or other issue that's causing your car to burn too much fuel. It's nothing a little auto service in Orlando can't fix, so schedule an appointment to have your fuel system inspected!

Car exhaust smoke

Grey exhaust smoke: Grey exhaust smoke can mean a variety of problems; you could be burning oil or transmission fluid, or have a stuck PCV valve. You can't really tell with grey exhaust smoke, so the best solution is to schedule Toyota service and have our techs seek out the true culprit to the problem. Whatever it is, you don't want to let it go on too long! 

Blue exhaust smoke: Blue exhaust smoke is a dead giveaway that you're burning engine oil, whether it be from a leak or some other issue. Regardless, oil is extremely important for your engine to stay cool and lubricated, so you want to address blue smoke as quickly as you possibly can. Have our auto service techs in Orlando take a peek under the hood to see what's going on! 

Now that you're a pro, you're ready to diagnose your car's exhaust smoke? so give us a call and let us know what Orlando Toyota service you need to schedule! We're open seven days a week at (866) 454-1614!


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