Car battery buying tips

You're constantly on the go and relying on your car to get you to where you need to be. However, without proper maintenance and care your car won't last very long! That's because it needs routine car maintenance in Orlando. Every moving part of your vehicle needs special time and attention to work properly, such as your car battery. Without a recharge and working car battery, you're stuck! You won't go anywhere with a dead battery. That's because the car battery provides the charge for your vehicle to power up. 

Keep your car battery charged at our Orlando auto service center!

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A quick visit to our Toyota service center in Orlando can help keep your battery in shape. Our highly trained technicians can check the condition of your battery. It may just need a quick recharge at our Orlando auto service center. However, if it's near the end of its lifecycle then you'll need to invest in a new one. There are so many different kinds of batteries that deciding on one can be challenging! If you're unsure how to choose your new car battery, our auto service team in Orlando wants to help! 

What car battery should you invest in?

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Wet Cell Battery 

According to our experts at our Toyota service department in Orlando, wet cell batteries are also known as flooded batteries and they're the most common type of batteries you'll come across. They're lead acid batteries that have cells with liquid electrolytes. However, there are a couple different kinds of wet cell batteries: 

  • Conventional - The conventional wet cell battery is split into different sections that need their own charge. This may require more maintenance. 
  • Sealed - Sealed batteries don't release gases, so they're meant to last with minimal maintenance throughout their lifetime. 


VRLA Battery 

VRLA stands for valve-regulated lead-acid battery. The VRLA batteries are also sealed batteries! However, they use two plates, a positive and a negative, to charge and transmit power. According to our Orlando auto service team the great thing about VRLA car battery is that it's very safe! That's because it doesn't leak or release gases and they require minimal maintenance. 

Lithium Battery 

You'll find lithium batteries in performance-driven cars or newer model cars. That's because the lithium car battery is able to retain charge for an extended period of time. This significantly improves the efficiency of your vehicle. They're a bit pricier than other batteries, but they're very reliable! Not to mention, a lot of these batteries offer warranties. 

If you can't decide which battery you should get, ask our expert technicians! They'll be able to help determine which battery can give you the best performance abilities based on your vehicle. If we don't have the battery you need for your ride, our team at our Orlando Toyota parts store can order it for you and have replaced in no time. 

In order to properly maintain your car battery, visit our Toyota Service Center in Orlando! Call to schedule an appointment at (866) 454-1614. You can also visit our auto service department in Orlando at 16851 State Road 50. 

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