Safety and service tips for brake failure!

You're driving down the road when you see traffic is slowing down in front of you; you step on the brakes and nothing! This is a pretty terrifying situation! You're probably experiencing brake failure and our Orlando Toyota service center wants to ensure that you know how to get to safety in such a scary situation. In order to ensure you don't have brake failure, you can regularly visit our auto service center in Orlando to have your brake system inspected. However, when the inevitable happens, know what to do to get to safety with brake failure safety tips. 

Our Orlando Toyota Service team explains what happens when you get brake failure 

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According to our auto service experts in Orlando, there are many moving parts within your brake system that work together to get your vehicle to a complete stop. Thus, there are many things that can happen to your brake lead to brake failure. The most common reasons for brake failure that our Orlando Toyota service team sees are:

And more! 

You can prevent brake failure by regularly visiting our Toyota service department in Orlando. Our highly trained technicians can inspect your ride to ensure your car is in proper condition. They'll also check the parts in your brake system to ensure it's in shape. However, in case that you're in that scary situation of brake failure, know what to do to get to safety. Check out these tips from our Orlando auto service team

Tips from our auto service team in Orlando on what to do if you experience brake failure

brake failure prevention

Take your foot off the gas 

Our Toyota service team in Orlando reminds you to stay calm and immediately remove your foot from the gas. If your cruise control is on, turn it off! If you can shift into a lower gear, do so now. 

Pump the brakes 

Try stepping on the brakes again and see what happens. If your brake pedal is soft and goes straight down, you probably have a brake fluid problem. A leak in the brake fluid leads to brake failure. You can pump on the brakes to try creating more pressure. If the brake pedal feels hard and doesn't move, there may be something blocking the brake system or pedal. Move your foot around the pedal to see if there are any obstructions. 

Hazard lights 

Turn on your hazard lights and honk at drivers near you! Warn them that something is wrong with your car and that they should stay away. 

Drive on curb 

If there is a curb, grass, or empty lanes around you should use them wisely to slow down your vehicle when you have brake failure. Our Orlando auto service team recommends carefully switching lanes and driving through grass to cause friction and slow the car down. Try to find a safe and empty location to stop the car. 

Emergency brake

Once the vehicle has slowed down significantly, slowly pull on your emergency brake. The emergency brake only stops the back wheels! So make sure you use it slowly; you don't want to cause an accident. 

Now that you've come to a complete and safe car, don't attempt to drive it again! Have your car towed to our Orlando Toyota Service Center at 16851 State Road 50! 

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