Orlando auto repair pros share vehicle warning smells

There are a multitude of different warning signs that your car can give you when it's time for auto repair in Orlando. You drive your car every day, which means you know it best. If you notice something is wrong, such as a strange sound or smell coming from your car, you should never ignore it!

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Vehicle warning smells that your need auto repair

When you sense an issue with your car, you should head straight to our Orlando Toyota Service Center for help. Our professional auto service technicians can diagnose the problem from you and fix it with quality auto repair! However, if you smell an odor coming for your car, you may want to have an idea of what's wrong. We're explaining common vehicle warning smells and what Orlando auto repair your car may need!

  • Gasoline: Have you ever been driving down the road and smelled gasoline? The first thing you think is: Is that smell coming from my car? If it is, you want to pull over right away! This could mean gas is leaking from your fuel tank or the fuel injector line. This calls for immediate auto repair, as it can cause your car to catch on fire!

  • Rotten egg: Another common warning sign that your ride is due for auto repair in Orlando is a rotten egg odor coming from your car. This could mean there's a problem with your car's catalytic converter. This smell is caused by the presence of sulfur in the fuel. In this case, you may need an Orlando catalytic converter replacement. This smell could also mean your car battery is leaking, which you want to have checked out.

  • Sweet syrup: If you smell a sweet syrup odor coming from underneath the hood of your car, there may be an issue with the cooling system. This smell typically means there's a coolant leak. To confirm this, look under your car for a puddle of coolant. You can also have it inspected by the experts at our Toyota Service Center. We'll take care of the auto repair it needs!

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Orlando Toyota service pros explain that burning smell!

  • Burning oil: The smell of hot oil coming from your car is another indication your car is due for auto repair. It could mean your oil level is low or there's an oil leak. Take a look around your car's engine to spot leaking oil or look under your car for a puddle of fluid. ¬†This could be extremely dangerous, which is why you want to remedy the problem right away with Orlando auto repair!

  • Burning rubber: If you notice a burning rubber smell coming from under your hood (not from your tires skidding), it could mean a belt or hose came loose and is rubbing against another hot part. Just head to our Orlando auto service center and let us take care of this auto repair!

  • Burning carpet: This is a common odor your car lets off when the brakes pads are worn - especially if you notice the burning carpet smell when you're coming to a stop. Brake trouble can be a safety hazard, which is why you should head to our Toyota Service Center for reliable brake service in Orlando!

Do you need the help of our Orlando Toyota service pros to diagnose the smell coming from your car? Visit us today at 16851 State Road 50. We're located between the Florida Turnpike and Highway 27. Give us a call at (866) 454-1614 to schedule an appointment in advance.

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