When should you turn your car seat around?

It’s widely known that You have to turn the car seat around in your car to protect children’s necks and heads from being thrown forward. But when should you turn your car seat around from rear-facing to forward-facing? This is a question that is very important for car drivers with children. Toyota of Clermont is here to help you answer these important questions to ensure you have the safest travels with your kids

When should you turn a car seat around?

It would be best if you turned a car seat around for as long as possible. The best way to gauge when to turn a car seat around is when you transition to a front-facing car seat. You can figure out when you need to get a new car seat by following the height or weight limit on the specific car seat. You can move onto a front-facing car seat when your child has reached the height or weight limit. It’s best to keep the car seat rear-facing for as long as possible since it’s safer for your child. The good news is Toyota’s all about safety and has a LATCH system made exclusively for car seats. 

Safety tips when driving with car seats

  • Always use a car seat. This is one of the most important aspects of keeping your children safe while driving your Clermont Toyota. Not only that, but it’s against the law in Florida not to use a car seat for your child. 
  • Make sure it’s installed correctly in your Clermont Toyota. Make sure to pay attention to the directions when installing your car seats. You can check out the directions when you install your car seat and make sure that you get a certified child passenger safety technician to check your car seat for correct installation. You can also get your installation checked at the local police or fire station by experts. 
  • Pick the car seat that is right for your child. There are different types of car seats with different seating types for children at various stages of their lives. For example, rear-facing seats are meant for small children, front-facing for older children, booster seats come next, and eventually, you only need a seat belt. 
  • Register your car seat! When you buy a car seat and want to know when to turn the car seat around, make sure you first register your car seat. You can do this by looking into the essential information like proper assembly, recall info, and warranties. 

Visit Toyota of Clermont for a safe car! 

Ensuring child passenger safety falls on you as the driver, and you must always ensure your smaller passengers are protected when they join you on the road. For more tips, give Toyota of Clermont a call at (352) 404 – 7000 and/or check out the NHTSA’s website on child passenger safety.