Toyota of Clermont share pet and family driving safety tips

Hit the road safely with family and pets thanks to Toyota of Clermont! 

When you hit the road, is one of your biggest concerns safety? We know a lot of our Clermont Toyota customers place a large precedence on this element of their drive time, and rightfully so. That's why not only do we offer a large selection of Clermont Toyota cars that are infused with the best safety technology, we also have tips for hitting the road with pets and family - stay safe and get the peace of mind you deserve!

Clermont Toyota safety for pets

Car Seat Safety
Do you know what type of car seat your child should be in? Check out these car seat safety tips from Toyota of Clermont!
Baby proof your car 
Is your new Toyota ready for tinier passengers? We've got tips on how to properly baby proof your car so you're ready to hit the road safely!
Teen Driving Safety
Teach your teen safe driving tips to keep them safe out on the road!
Road trip pet prep tips
Check out these tips to get your pet ready for a long road trip! 
Tips for Tailgating Safety
Are you tailgating this football season? Stay safe with tips from Toyota of Clermont!
Want to take your furry-friend on a trip? These safety tips will come in handy!
Child safety tips for car rides
Get ready for your baby's car rides with these tips from our Clermont Toyota team! 
Tailgating Safety for Pedestrians
Keep the family safe and tailgate successful with Toyota of Clermont's tips!
Car Decorating Safety
Make sure you're not harming your car or putting yourself in danger when you customize your car!
Carpool Safety Tips
Are you searching for a way to make your kid or coworker carpool easier and safer? We have tips!
How to pack a car
Do you know how to pack a car safely and efficiently? Toyota of Clermont has tips! 

Know how to protect pets and families when you're in your Clermont Toyota! 

Do you know how to prep for drive time with pets and family? It's quite different than driving by yourself, and there are certain steps you should take before you hit the road. Luckily, our dealership can walk you through it! We offer advice for traveling with pets and families like: 

  • How to pack your car best 
  • How to prep your vehicle before you leave with Clermont Toyota Service
  • How to handle different roadside emergencies 
  • How to baby-proof and child-proof your car
  • How install a car seat properly and safely
  • How to prepare to travel with a four-legged friend 

And more! Plus, we offer tons of parts and accessories at our Clermont Toyota Parts Store that can ready your ride even more, and our techs and sales specialists are always here to give you the information you need before you head out! 

Ready to hit the road with pets or family? Are you sure? Read up and pay us a visit to see how we can help. Our Clermont Toyota dealership is located between the Florida Turnpike and US Highway 27 at 16851 State Road 50, and we're open seven days a week until 10pm every day! 


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