Keep your teen safe with teen driving safety tips from Toyota of Clermont!

Teen driving safety is a big deal - traffic crashes happen every single day, and it's easy for your new teen driver to get overwhelmed out on the roads. That's why it's important to teach them teen driving safety before they get into the driver's seat for the first time! Our new Toyota dealership near Orlando has all the tips you need to keep your first-time driver safe when they get behind the wheel - let's take a closer look!

Teen driving safety

What's the top rule when it comes to teen driving safety?

The first - and probably most important - rule of teen driving safety is to ALWAYS buckle up. Your teen should ALWAYS have a seatbelt on when behind the wheel of their new Toyota near Orlando (or even if they're riding as a passenger). And remember, you should lead by example! Set a good precedent and wear your seatbelt at all times so your teen sees how serious you are about it when you're in your new Toyota near Orlando. 

The next part of teen driving safety to think about is a teen driving contract. You can draw this up before your teen gets their driver's license, and have them sign it before they hit the road. It should outline all of the rules they have to follow when they're behind the wheel of their Toyota near Orlando - remember to think about things like passenger limits, places they can and cannot drive, and times they're allowed to be on the road! 

Another important part of teen driving safety is to teach them defensive driving skills. This includes elements like: 

  • Following the rules of the road
  • Being aware of other drivers, pedestrians, and motorists at all times
  • Leaving enough space between your Toyota near Orlando and other cars
  • Avoiding distracted driving practices
  • Keeping their eyes on the road so they can proactively prepare for danger 

You should put a pretty big emphasis on avoiding distracted driving when it comes to teen driving safety. Teens are apt to text and use their smartphones when behind the wheel, and this is one of the leading causes of accidents! Make it a firm rule that your teen cannot use their phone at all except for emergencies when behind the wheel - you can even download an app that will lock their phone when the car is in motion!

Toyota of Clermont tips

You may also want to consider putting a cap on how many passengers are allowed in the car when your teen is behind the wheel of their Toyota near Orlando. 

Teach your teen to stop texting while driving in their new Toyota near Orlando! 

Also, make sure you impress upon your teen that part of teen driving safety is having a safe vehicle. They should always pay attention to dashboard warning lights and check their tires for inflation, especially before long trips! Our Toyota Service Center near Orlando can show them the ropes!

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