Safe driving tips during a hurricane!

Hurricane season is upon us! If you're a Floridian, then you've probably had your fair share of storm experiences. However, you can never be overly prepared for a storm! That's why our team at our Toyota dealership near Orlando constantly shares preparedness tips for safe driving and what to do in case of a car accident. Now we want to share some safety tips on what to do once a hurricane hits and you're in your Toyota near Orlando! 

Toyota of Clermont's safety tips for once a hurricane hits! 

 Toyota near Orlando driving tips

Fortunately, we get a hurricane warning and a few days to prep for the arrival of the storm. However, hurricanes are pretty wild and can take an unexpected turn! So if you're on the road once it hits, our team at our Toyota dealership near Orlando wants you to practice safe driving! That's why we're sharing some safe driving tips in case you get caught in a storm. 

Drive your Toyota near Orlando safely if you're stuck in a hurricane! 

safe driving in hurricane

Hurricane safe driving tip #1: Slow down and leave ample space

Our team at our Toyota dealership near Orlando wants to remind you to slow down and pay attention to the road at all times. Turn on your windshield wipers and headlights! Don't turn on your emergency lights unless you have an emergency. The safe driving rule of thumb is to drive with a three second following gap, but during a hurricane, the safe driving tip is to leave about five to six seconds following gap. 

Hurricane safe driving tip #2: Don't use cruise control

Hydroplaning is very common when driving in a storm. If you're using cruise control while driving your Toyota near Orlando, you can make situations worse! That's because if you're using cruise control when you hydroplane it can cause the car to speed up and completely lose control. Avoid using it in the rain, and if you're driving and hydroplane, let off the gas and slowly steer straight until you regain control. 

Hurricane safe driving tip #3: Avoid driving through puddles 

Even if roads seem familiar, if they're flooded or have standing water, don't drive through them! You don't know how deep the water is and it can cause significant damage to your car by driving through it. Water can cause you to stall and cause damage to your engine, electrical system, and even flood your Toyota near Orlando! 

Hurricane safe driving tip #4: Look out for wires

A hurricane hits with very powerful and strong winds, among other things. Very often the storm can knock down power lines and they're a big hazard! Just because you're behind the wheel of a safe and reliable Toyota near Orlando, it doesn't mean you can't get injured. Keep an eye out for hanging wires and powerlines. This is another reason as to why you should avoid driving in standing water where a wire can be hiding. 

Hurricane safe driving tip #5: Pull over and seek shelter 

If you're driving through a hurricane in your Toyota near Orlando, our team highly recommends pulling over right away and seeking shelter! Preferably find shelter somewhere with no windows and close to the ground. Stay until the storm has passed! 

Our team at our Toyota dealership near Orlando recommends preparing for a hurricane as soon as hurricane season begins! If you have any question on how to prep your car or other safe driving tips call us at (888) 590-6090. 


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