What should you do when your new Toyota starts hydroplaning?

Driving on slippery roads in the rain can be very dangerous; it's harder to come to a complete safe stop, and you run the risk of sliding when you hit the gas or make a turn. You also have to worry about other drivers losing control of their vehicles and colliding with your new Toyota near Orlando! Luckily, we've got plenty of tips on how to drive in the rain? but what should you do if your car starts hydroplaning? 

What is hydroplaning? 

First of all, let's talk about exactly what hydroplaning is. This is when a layer of water builds up between your wheels and the road, which means you lose traction. When you lose traction, your new Toyota near Orlando doesn't respond to your commands - turning, braking, or hitting the gas. This means a loss of control and sometimes, a subsequent collision or accident.

Hydroplaning tips

What can you do if you find your new Toyota near Orlando hydroplaning on a wet road? You'll know right away what's going on when it stops responding to your commands, and here are a few things to remember in this situation: 

  • DO NOT slam on the brakes. This will undoubtedly send you and your car into a skid, and you'll lose complete control of your vehicle while in motion. 
  • You should also avoid turning if you can - this can also cause your car
  •  to go into a skid. 
  • The best course of action is to take your foot off of the accelerator and let the car slow naturally; it SHOULD regain traction on the road. If you do need to hit your brakes, be sure to do so carefully and with gentle pressure. 

There are also ways that you can reduce your chances of hydroplaning in your new Toyota near Orlando, and we've got the info you need! Here are some helpful hints: 

  • Make sure to keep your tires properly inflated, and check the traction on them to ensure it's in good shape. This can help your tires retain their grip on the road, even when it's wet out! 
  • Slow down when the roads are wet - dropping your speed significantly drops your chances of losing control in a hydroplane situation. 
  • Try to avoid driving through puddles! You never know how deep they are (and you can do severe damage to your vehicle if the water is too deep). 
  • Avoid using cruise control on wet roads! 

New Toyota tips

Find a safe Toyota near Orlando at our dealership! 

Luckily, our new Toyota near Orlando also include a feature that's designed to help with hydroplaning - Vehicle Stability Control! It's part of the Toyota Star Safety System, and this feature automatically senses when your vehicle loses traction and both reduces engine power AND gently applies brake force to help you regain it. 

Want more tips about hydroplaning or looking for a safe new Toyota near Orlando? Come in and see us  - we're at 16851 State Road 50, just west of the Florida Turnpike. 

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