How to escape a sinking car?

It’s always a good idea to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario, especially when it comes to driving your Clermont Toyota. However, no one imagines themselves locked in their car trying to escape from a sinking car. Toyota of Clermont is here to ease your anxieties so that you will fight your way out of even the worst situations. 

How to escape a sinking car

How To Escape from a sinking car: Step by Step

1. Be Aware of your airbags releasing 

The first thing you need to know is your airbags may release as a result of the huge impact on your Clermont Toyota. In the case scenario where your airbags go off, firmly grip the steering wheel at a “9 and 3” position. This will reduce the likelihood that the airbag impact knocks you out while in the driver’s seat. 

 2. Keep Calm, and get out of that sinking car! 

You HAVE to remain calm and move quickly. This is not the time to panic, it’s the time to put yourself into fight mode and get yourself out of the sinking car. If your car enters a body of water you have 30 seconds to two minutes before your car sinks and becomes fully submerged in the water. This is plenty of time to get yourself out. Remember that the bigger the car the longer you have before it fully submerged

3. Do not open the door. 

Opening the door of your car is not the best idea. By even attempting to open the door you are wasting your time. The water pressure can cause your car door to be very heavy. If you happen to get your door open, it can lead to cutting your escape time in half because the water rushes in, speeding up the sinking process. 

4. Unbuckle your seatbelt

You need to get yourself out of the seat belt if you are trying to leave. The best thing to do is to keep a seat belt cutter in your car as a car escape tool and use it to cut yourself out of the seat. However, try to unbuckle your seatbelt manually first. Once you get yourself out, unbuckle the other passengers as well. 

5. Open your car window

The good news is that most car windows will still work, despite being submerged in water. However, if you can’t get the water to roll down, you must break the window. You can keep a safety hammer or emergency car escape tool in your car for these emergency scenarios. If you don’t have this tool, kick out the side or rear window. 

6. If the window won’t break. 

If the window doesn’t break, you must open the door to get out. You can do this by waiting until the pressure is equal on both sides of the door before attempting to open it. Check this by making sure the water level is the same on both the inside and outside of the car. Now is your time, take a good breath before opening the door, and swimming out headfirst. Follow the bubbles to see where the air is going. 

7. Get out of the car! 

Once you have either broken the window or opened the door, make sure to push the children out first. 

8. Get to land ASAP

Look around you and try to find the nearest land to swim to safety. When trying to swim as safely as possible, swim in the direction of the current. 

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