Should you consider salvage cars when looking for an Orlando used vehicle?

Have you ever considered looking at salvage cars when you're on the hunt for a cheap used car in Orlando? We know the option can be tempting - they can be incredibly affordable and easy to obtain, and they don't usually require you plunking down a huge down payment before you drive off. However, we're here to warn you against these types of Orlando used cars - find out why you should leave salvage cars OUT of your next vehicle search! 

What are salvage cars? 

First of all, what exactly are salvage cars? These vehicles have been taken possession of by the insurance company because they incurred damage that's more costly than their worth. This damage may have come from:

  • Flooding or storms (water damage)
  • A collision
  • Being stolen

Salvage cars

Basically, it'll cost more to repair these Orlando used cars than it would be to simply replace them. At that point, the insurance company cuts the driver a check and takes the car into their possession to be salvaged - i.e., repaired back into a drivable state to be sold. In this case, the car will be deemed a salvage on the title and will carry that brand forever. 

Why should you avoid these used cars in Orlando? 

We don't recommend including salvage cars in your Orlando used car shopping process, and here are the big reasons why! 

Safety: These types of used cars have basically been totaled, so you're risking your safety every time you get behind the wheel! A lot of rebuilders and repair shops will cut corners in order to save money on salvage cars, and those cut corners can cause you some big problems down the road! 

Insurance: It's very difficult to insure salvage cars. Typically, insurance companies stay away from these types of Orlando used cars as they're unreliable and not the safest rides on the market!

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Resale value: Planning on selling your vehicle down the road? The resale value of salvages cars is slim to none - no matter what type of money you sink into your ride when you purchase, you're not going to get it back when you sell! This goes for private sales AND dealership sales - dealers will typically pay 50% or less for salvage cars, while private buyers may demand a deep discount to make up for the salvage status on the title of the car in question. 

Financing: Just like it's hard to insure Orlando salvage cars, it's also hard to get financing to purchase them! Banks typically don't want to take the risk on these cars because they're unreliable. 

Possible future costs: Remember, auto technicians may have cut corners when repairing these types of Orlando used cars. They may be cheap at first, but they can run you a whole lot of costs down the road as things break and the car experiences mechanical problems. Why take the risk? 

We don't recommend salvage cars as your final purchase, and we have a whole host of reliable Orlando used vehicles for sale - visit us today! We're at 16851 State Road 50! 

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