Get into a car both you and your family want - 2016 Toyota Highlander or the Nissan Murano?

If you're in the market for a new SUV, then look no further! Stop by our Toyota dealership near Orlando! We have a wide selection of new Toyota SUVs that you'll love. If you need something that the entire family will love, check out the 2016 Toyota Highlander. This car was made for families, but it was designed with the driver in mind. Come see what this new Toyota SUV near Orlando is all about. 

Enjoy driving a new Toyota SUV near Orlando your family loves! 

new Toyota SUV near Orlando

We're so confident that you'll adore the 2016 Toyota Highlander near Orlando that we want to compare it to a similar yet very different model SUV. Which one would you rather drive - the 2016 Toyota Highlander 2WD Limited or the 2016 Nissan Murano Platinum FWD? 


You want to get into a new SUV that has the features and adaptability you need, the rest are just added perks. However, at our Toyota dealership we believe that a family car must be stocked with features that'll improve your day-to-day. That's why you'll find that the 2016 Toyota Highlander near Orlando is integrated with features not available in the Nissan Murano. Starting off, the new Toyota Highlander has ample space for seven passengers with three rows of seating. The Nissan Murano only has available seating for five people. 

Some of the other convenient features that are only in this new Toyota include dual climate control, rear air conditioning/heater, running board, one-touch rear power windows, rear cargo window, power moonroof, rear bucket seats, and stylish spoiler. Don't miss out on these exciting features on the new Toyota SUV near Orlando. 

Which car would your family prefer - the 2016 Toyota Highlander near Orlando or the Nissan Murano? 

2016 Toyota Highlander


Even though you're looking for a family car, you want to have a thrilling drive! You'll get it in the both of these SUVs! They're both equipped with a 3.5 liter V6 engine under the hood! However, the new Toyota Highlander near Orlando will rock your socks! That's because it has higher performance abilities with its 270 horsepower and towing capability of 5,000 pounds! Meanwhile the Nissan Murano only gets 260 horsepower and can only tow up to 1,500 pounds. Get an impressive drive behind the wheel of the 2016 Toyota Highlander near Orlando! 


Our top priority at our Toyota dealership near Orlando is the safety of you and your family. That's why we're pleased to inform you that both the new Toyota Highlander and the Nissan Murano are fortified with advanced safety features like 4 wheel ABS brakes, brake assist system, child safety door locks and LATCH with lower anchors, and much more. However, if you want clear sight of the road, get halogen headlights and Toyota Star Safety System only in the Toyota Highlander near Orlando. 


Investing in a new car is a big deal, which is why you should sign on the dotted line for a car you want to have! That's why when you think of the value of the new Toyota Highlander, it's completely worth it! You get all of these awesome features for only $41,090, while the new Nissan Murano has less to offer and it still costs $40,000! 

Come get into the all-new and innovative Toyota Highlander near Orlando! Visit our Toyota dealership at 16851 State Road 50. 

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