Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

Electric cars are on the rise in popularity, and Toyota has joined the road toward Electric rides by investing $70 billion globally in electrified vehicle development. But it doesn’t end there. Toyota promises 30 EV models by 2030. The latest evolution of this has been the release of the all-new electric 2023 Toyota BZ4X. So, since the automotive industry is newly turning its eyes toward the future of electric cars, there are many questions buyers are asking themselves, like do electric cars use oil? Here at Toyota of Clermont, we are answering why Electric cars don’t use oil and the ways an electric car maintenance perk makes your life easier. 

Why Electric Car Maintenance Doesn’t include Oil Changes

Ditch your routine oil changes when you go electric. Why may you ask? EVs don’t need oil to operate, so without oil, there’s no need to change it. Instead, they are solely operated by an electric battery and an electric motor. Internal combustion engines need lubrication to keep them from overheating from high friction. However, Plug-In Hybrids and Hybrid Toyota models do require oil changes. 

No Oil Change? Ways this Electric Car Maintenance perk makes your life easier

It’s not a secret that getting our car serviced is tedious and, quite frankly, can feel like a chore. While here at Toyota of Clermont, we try to enhance the waiting experience for our customers through shuttle services, a cafe, and comfy seating arrangements. Not having to come in to get an oil change makes your life easier in at least these three ways: 

1. Saves your time 

With the electric car’s maintenance requirements, you won’t have to carve out an hour or two to get an oil change in your Clermont Toyota every three months. 

2. Saves you money 

Not getting an oil change every three months saves you overall maintenance costs and increases your ability to save money towards other things like additional car accessories you may want for your Clermont Toyota. 

3. Saves you headaches

Not having to deal with oil changes with understanding which oil change is the best for your Clermont Toyota, wondering if you can top off the oil, and even concerns like how long can you go without getting one down are completely eliminated. So, this means fewer cases of something going wrong with your Clermont Toyota. 

What is Electric Car Maintenance Necessary?

Just because your electric car maintenance doesn’t require an oil change doesn’t mean you should ditch it altogether. Here’s some of what your EV will require you to keep maintained. 

  • Electric car brakes 
  • Tire maintenance 
  • Fluids: Coolant, windshield wiper fluid, and brake fluid
  • Electric car battery (Toyota guarantees a battery warranty that lasts ten years or 620,000 miles, with a guarantee that after ten years, your battery will retain 90% of its original battery life)

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