Which Toyotas are popular in other countries?

November 21st, 2022 by

Toyota’s automotive is not only a popular company in Clermont, Florida, but you’ll find Toyotas all over the world. Did you know that different countries offer different Toyotas depending on the market? You’ll find here in the United States the most popular models are the Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Tacoma, and Toyota Highlander. Toyota of Clermont is going to explore the different Toyota models and which are the best Toyota cars in each place around the world. 

The Most Popular Toyota cars found in different places around the world


Diving into different countries in Europe, the Toyota Yaris is a sporty hatchback that has gained many popularities for its compact, fuel efficient, and reliability. It’s one of the best selling vehicles in Europe. 


You can hear a lot of rave about the Toyota Hilux in Mexico. It’s popular for its versatility and offers a high degree of durability mixed with reliability. It’s popularity isn’t limited to just Mexico in South America, but also many other Latin countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. 


Toyotas are a hit in Australia too. There are a couple of Toyota models that bring an adventure to the outbacks and cities. They love their Toyota Hilux, a truck that’s popularity is attributed to its off-roading capabilities. It was discontinued in the United States and Japan. It doesn’t stop there when it comes to Toyota’s popularity in Australia, with the Toyota Corolla, and the Toyota RAV4. 


Toyota origins go back to Japan, so it’s obvious to know that Toyotas have a great popularity and reputation in Japan. Some of the Top Toyota models are some models that aren’t here in the United States, with the Toyota Yaris, Toyota, Roomy, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Crown, and Toyota Alphard. The Toyota Crown is coming to the United States for the first time. 


Although Africa is a continent and not a country, Africa agrees that the Toyota Hilux gets all of the attention across the continent. The Toyota Hilux is a popular truck able to handle any terrain that comes its way. It’s followed by the popularity of the Toyota Corolla, the Toyota Fortuner, and the Toyota Hiace, which are high up there on the best Toyota cars list in Africa.


Canada isn’t too far from the states. One of the top sellers in Canada is Toyota Corolla, and it’s closely followed by the Toyota Camry and Toyota Prius. Canada and the United States share a lot of similarities in what they look for in a car like offering efficiency, safety with Toyota Safety Sense, and reliability in their performances. 

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