What you need to know about spark plugs

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Have you ever given any thought to exactly how your car gets up and going? As far as you know, you just turn the key and you’re ready to hit the road. However, there are some complex processes taking place under the hood before you even hit the accelerator, and one of the biggest pieces of that puzzle is your set of spark plugs. Today our Clermont auto service techs are giving you the ins and outs of spark plugs and how they work, as well as how to troubleshoot them.

spark plugs

What is a spark plug?

Essentially, a spark plug is a small plug that plugs into your engine’s cylinder. Its job is to ignite the fuel inside the cylinder so your engine can start. Fuel alone won’t do it – that gas that you pumped into the fuel tank is pushed through the fuel lines into the fuel injectors, where it’s then mixed with air that’s been pulled into the engine via the air intake. When oxygen and fuel are properly mixed, the spark plugs “spark” to ignite the mixture and spur things into motion.

Obviously, your spark plugs play a vital part in your car’s performance so it’s important to maintain and replace them when needed. You shouldn’t have to spring for new ones too often – they usually last at least 30,000 miles and possibly more depending on the condition of your ride and your drive time habits. However, just like any other part they do wear out over time and stop working. Here are two main reasons you’ll have to have new ones installed eventually.

  • Buildup of deposits. The fuel and air mixture that your spark plugs ignites does cause a buildup on the plugs themselves, and this can cause to preignition (which in turn, means a jerky and unreliable starting process).
  • A wider gap of space. Your spark plugs have to “jump” a gap of space to ignite the fuel-oxygen mixture and because of wear and tear, the gap gets bigger over time. This makes it harder for them to do their job of getting your car started.

Signs you need Clermont auto service for this important part

Luckily, it’s not expensive or difficult to replace this very important part of your vehicle, especially if you let our Toyota of Clermont techs tackle the job. Here are a few signs you may be due for replacement spark plugs and should schedule an appointment at our Clermont Toyota service center:

  • You notice your fuel efficiency is dropping for no apparent reason
  • Your car is having trouble starting or won’t start at all
  • You feel like the car is sluggish or slow to respond when you accelerate
  • The car seems “jerky” when you hit the gas
  • You hear pinging or rattling noises under the hood – this is the sound of the spark plugs misfiring or firing at the wrong times

Whatever the symptom, we’ve got you covered! Call Toyota of Clermont today at (352) 404-0001 and let our trained techs get you and your ride back out on the road in no time. We’re open seven days a week at 16851 State Road 50!

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