Does car tire care prevent blowouts?

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If you’ve ever experienced a car tire blowout, you know just how scary it can be. A blowout is when your car tire suddenly bursts, which means it quickly loses all of its air pressure and can no longer support the weight of the vehicle. It can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and even fishtail out of control, which in turn can lead to an accident or collision. This is especially dangerous if you’re driving on slippery roads (like snow or rain) or if you’re driving at high speeds on the highway. Not only that, blowouts usually cause a loud noise that can startle both you and the drivers around you.

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Learn how to prevent blowouts

Your best bet? To do everything you possibly can to avoid having a car tire blowout. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take alongside our Clermont Toyota service techs to help you avoid a blowout. Check out these tips below!

Toyota of Clermont’s tips for car tire care

Never overload your vehicle. Your car, truck, or SUV has a max weight limit; it’s called the Gross Vehicular Weight Rating. You can find it on the doorjamb of the driver’s side as well as in your owner’s manual. Don’t exceed this limit when you’re hauling gear; it puts a ton of stress on your car tires and makes you more prone to a blowout.

Keep your tires inflated. Underinflated tires are a major cause of blowouts. Remember, the air pressure inside the tire is what keeps the car supported. If the PSI level is too low, then the weight of the car is resting on the tire itself. This causes the interior components of the tire to overflex, which eventually leads to a blowout because the tire simply can’t flex any further. You can find the proper PSI level in both your owner’s manual and on a small placard on the doorjamb of the driver’s side.

Avoid potholes. Whenever you drive through a pothole or run your car into a curb, driveway lip, or other road hazard, you run the risk of doing damage to your tires. Even if the damage isn’t apparent to the naked eye it can still lead to weakening of the tire, which makes it more prone to blowouts. If you do hit a curb or other hazard, bring your car into Toyota of Clermont so our auto service techs can inspect it for you.

Keep up with car tire care. The simplest way to help prevent blowouts is to just take care of your tires! Get on a routine tire rotation schedule at our Clermont auto maintenance center and make sure you get wheel alignments on a regular basis, too – this helps your tires wear evenly and gives our techs a chance to inspect them for any problems.

Have questions or want to schedule car tire care? Call us! Our Clermont Toyota service center is open seven days a week at (352) 404-7001 and we’re conveniently located just west of the Florida Turnpike on State Road 50.

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