Common Car Superstitions for Friday the 13th

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The world’s unluckiest day has finally arrived. Friday the 13th has been infamously associated with slasher villains like Jason Vorhees, but it was originally known to be a day of terrible luck and when superstitions are more important than ever. Don’t walk under a ladder, don’t break a mirror, avoid black cats, and everything in between are all commonly held superstitions that people actively avoid. This day is so infamous that not only one but two psychological condition terms, friggatriskaidekaphobia and paraskavedekatriaphobia, have been developed regarding the day and about $700 – $900 million dollars are lost economically each year on Friday the 13th. While people have several superstitions surrounding the day, we at Toyota of Clermont thought it would be fitting to tell you a little about different car superstitions.

Car superstition guide from Toyota of Clermont

Car Superstitions You May or May Not Know About

While many people hold onto superstitions, it only makes sense that there be ones for when you’re behind the wheel of your Clermont Toyota car. Here are a few interesting ones that you may or may not know about:

1) Slapping the Sun Visor/Kissing the Headliner After a Yellow Light

Just like some people will kiss a good luck charm for good luck, many Clermont Toyota drivers obey an age-old car superstition that involves slapping the sun visor or headliner or kissing it when passing through a yellow light. This is done as a gesture of thanks for passing through a yellow light safely. Crazy, right?


2) Holding Your Breath When Driving Through a Tunnel or Past a Cemetery

First off, do NOT hold your breath when driving past or through anything. It could result in fainting and cause an accident. While you may think it odd, many Clermont Toyota drivers also cling to this car superstition. While we’re unsure why some drivers decide to hold their breath when passing through a tunnel (perhaps claustrophobia or poor air quality?), some drivers do hold their breath when passing by a cemetery to avoid breathing in wandering spirits. There’s also some speculation that it’s out of respect for the dead as they can’t breath (for obvious reasons).


3) Lifting Your Feet Up When Passing Over Railroad Tracks

This one’s a doozy. Some drivers out there believe that you should lift your feet up when crossing over railroad tracks. There are several motivations behind this, like if you don’t you’ll never get married, or die young, or lose the person you’re in a relationship with. While there are probably other reasons why those things may happen, driving over railroad tracks and taking your feet off the floor is very dangerous. You could run off the road or fail to brake in an emergency situation.


4) Intentionally Scratch Your Car

There’s the thought that by doing something to yourself it won’t happen to you and this applies perfectly to this car superstition. Essentially, if you buy a new Toyota car from Toyota of Clermont, you’ll likely be afraid of it getting scratched at some point. So, scratch the car yourself and it’ll keep any further scratches from popping up. Scratches happen and you adding one will likely not prevent more from happening to your ride. But, if you feel strongly about this one, try scratching your ride in an inconspicuous place like the wheel weld.


5) Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish if You See a Tractor

We don’t have any explanation for this one. Just don’t drive with your eyes closed at any point in time.


Have a great weekend everyone and good luck getting through Friday the 13th!

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