Are Certified Pre Owned Cars Worth It?

August 31st, 2022 by

A Certified Pre Owned car is an excellent option if you’re looking for a used car. Here at Toyota of Clermont, our used cars go through a process to make sure that they are high-quality vehicles for a great price and low mileage. Toyota of Clermont experts are here to answer the question of what is a certified pre owned car and decide if purchasing a brand new Clermont Toyota or a Clermont Certified Pre Owned car is worth it.

What are Certified Pre Owned Cars? 

A certified pre owned vehicle is a factory certified used vehicle available for purchase at a dealership of the same brand. Here is a list of requirements for pre owned cars to qualify as certified pre owned cars. 

  • Accident-free 
  • In good condition
  • No older than six model years
  • Less than 85,000 miles
  • Must be certified by passing a 160-point quality assurance inspection

Are Certified Pre Owned Cars for you? 

It can be hard to decide what car to get or if you are making the right decision in the car buying process. Let’s go over the benefits of Certified Pre Owned Cars advantages and disadvantages.  

The Advantages of Certified Pre Owned Cars 

Get a Discounted Price

When buying a certified pre owned car, you get a high-quality car for a discounted price. 

Buying a used car with guarantees

With certified pre owned cars, they have to inspect to ensure they have checked off on all of the proper performances. Therefore, it gives car buyers lower risk and guarantees a high-quality car. In addition, you will know the vehicle history with an included CarFax report, another reason making certified pre owned cars worth it. 

Toyota Certified Pre Owned cars have warranties

One of the advantages is when you buy a certified pre own from Toyota of Clermont, you also get a 12,00 miles/1 year bumper-to-bumper warranty. In addition, if you buy a hybrid Toyota from us, you’ll also receive a 100,000/7 year powertrain and 100,000/8 year factory hybrid warranty, and more. This can be a pro if you buy a used car from a private seller. 

The Disadvantages of Certified Pre Owned Cars

They may be at higher risk than a brand-new car

Whenever you’re buying a used car, there is always more risk than a brand-new model straight from the dealership lot. However, they usually are in good condition, but you will have to consider that they have miles and wear under their belt. 

Higher price than private used cars 

Buying a Toyota Certified Pre Owned car means that you may be buying at a higher price than from a private seller. However, what you’re getting with that slightly higher price guarantees nothing more is wrong with the car through transparent vehicle history inspections and restrictions. If you are comfortable with buying from a private seller, then it’s not a bad option. However, it does come with more leg work.

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