Answers to the 5 most common car parts questions

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Does shopping for car parts confuse you? You’re not alone – a vehicle is a complex object and if you don’t understand all the ins and outs of how it operates, it can be pretty intimidating to buy the components to keep it running. However, you’re in good hands with Toyota of Clermont. We have skilled parts specialists at our dealership who can help you choose, locate, and order/purchase the right car parts for your ride. We also have a fully stocked parts store onsite for you to browse. And to top it all off, we’ve gathered answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to auto parts. Start building your parts knowledge below!

Toyota car parts tips

What do you need to know about car parts before you start shopping?

Question #1: What’s the difference between OEM and Aftermarket parts? 

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer – these parts are made by the manufacturer that makes the car. For example, Toyota makes Toyota parts. These parts are designed by the manufacturer specifically for the makes and models they offer. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are designed by non-manufacturer companies. When you use aftermarket car parts, you’ll want to check that they’re compatible with your car and also that they don’t void any warranties or lease agreements that you might have on the vehicle.

Question #2: Where can I buy OEM parts? 

Toyota of Clermont! We’re a retailer of Toyota parts, making your life easy. Come in and shop our store or chat with one of our specialists to place an online order for the car parts you need.

Question #3: Where can I buy aftermarket parts? 

You can buy aftermarket parts a lot of places – the internet, auto shops, etc. Just make sure you buy from a reputable seller and always ask if there are any warranties available. And don’t forget to check compatibility, your existing warranties, and your lease agreement if you have one.

Question #4: Can I buy used car parts for my vehicle? 

Technically, yes. Do we recommend it? No. Buying used parts isn’t a smart investment, in our opinion. Yes, they’re cheaper. But they’ve already gone through wear and tear on another vehicle which means they’ll likely need repairs or wear out faster than a new part, costing you more money. Is it worth it long-term?

Question #5: What should I do with my old parts when I’m done with them?  

You can’t just throw old parts in the trash – it’s not that simple. If you need to get rid of old or damaged parts, try selling them back to a parts dealer or parts shop, selling them for scrap metal, or if all else fails, recycle them.

Let Toyota of Clermont help you find and purchase the right parts for your ride

Want some assistance when it comes to shopping and ordering Toyota parts? Or maybe you just need an expert opinion. Either way, contact Toyota of Clermont today! You can reach us seven days a week at (352) 404-7001.


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